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Our dedicated team of real estate experts is committed to helping those selling homes in Houston, Texas and the surrounding areas, offering a variety of solutions.

We adhere to the principle of always informing sellers about all their options, prioritizing their needs over our own. It’s our responsibility to ensure sellers are well-informed about their choices!

If you’re looking to sell your property swiftly and effortlessly, please contact us for a fair and immediate offer. As Houston home buyers, we specialize in purchasing homes quickly and without any hassle. We are keen to purchase your Houston house, and we will pay cash, regardless of its current state!

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How We Compare

If you need to sell your house quickly, a We Buy Houses for Cash company could be the best solution.

Just take a look at all the factors:

My Home Investments




Repair Costs


Closing Costs


Avg. Day To Close


Number Of Showings


Net Offer



My Home Investments is the answer to all your house-selling problems! Why keep experiencing the stress of late payments or potentially face foreclosure? If you know you’re struggling, you can easily sell your house for cash in the Houston, Texas area.

  • Our company is not a wholesale buyer; instead, we purchase homes in Houston, Texas with cash directly, ensuring you receive a better financial return for your property.
  • We handle all aspects internally, from renovation to property management. This comprehensive approach enables us to offer a higher price for your property without you needing to worry about upfront costs.
  • With over a decade of expertise in assisting homeowners to sell their properties in Texas with minimal hassle, our experienced team can provide you with a solid offer without any contingencies.
  • Thanks to our connections with banks, private financiers, and our own cash resources, we are capable of buying homes in as little as 72 hours following the completion of paperwork by the title company.
  • We assure a cash offer without the need for contingencies related to financing, inspections, or appraisals.

These figures are approximations. Your market may be different.


Title Problems
Fire Damage
Flood Damaged
Trashed House

Behind on Taxes
Downsizing Home
Laid Off From Work
Need Major Repairs

Upside Down Mortgage
Bad Tenants
Inherited House
Paying Multiple Mortgages
Just Want To Sell Fast

and many more….

As dedicated cash home buyers in Houston, Texas My Home Investments is committed to making the best possible offer for your property. Our team of seasoned real estate professionals takes a detailed approach to assessing your home and conducting a thorough market analysis to determine its true value.

We understand that, as Houston house buyers, our job is not merely about transactions; it’s about recognizing and respecting the significant life events that lead people to sell their homes. That’s why we make it our goal to provide solutions that meet your financial needs while valuing your home’s history and worth.

As experienced real estate investors, we guarantee transparency and fairness in our process. We’ll clearly explain how we’ve arrived at our offer, providing all the necessary details. With My Home Investments, you can have peace of mind knowing that our offer reflects a fair market value, takes into account the condition of your home, and is based on our commitment to your satisfaction.

Choose My Home Investments, the team that pledges to provide the highest possible offer for your home. We aren’t just any home buyers; we aim to provide solutions that are fair, fast, and beneficial for you. Don’t settle for less—experience the difference with a team of home buyers dedicated to your needs.


We’re committed to our promise: we buy houses in Houston, Texas “as-is,” meaning we purchase properties in their current condition without requiring any repairs or cleanup. Whether your house is cluttered with items or in any state, we’re interested in buying it just as it is.

We Buy Houses For Cash

Selling your home to My Home Investments offers multiple advantages, streamlining the process, reducing stress, and proving highly beneficial. We’re Houston capital home buyers, eliminating financing delays and appraisal procedures, resulting in a faster closing process, often within days. Plus, you avoid repair and renovation costs since we buy properties as-is. Our transparent cash offers provide sellers with the confidence they need for a prompt and successful sale. We’re even backed by the Better Business Bureau.

FAQs to Houston Home Buyers

What is the fastest way to sell a house in Texas?

Selling your house to a cash buyer can be very fast and simple. When you sell for cash, the process usually takes just a few days to a week, instead of the usual month or more. This is because cash buyers don’t need to wait for bank approvals or deal with mortgage paperwork.

If you need to move quickly or get money fast, selling to a cash buyer can be the best choice.

Another benefit is the ease and certainty of the sale. Cash buyers often buy homes “as-is,” meaning you don’t need to spend time or money on repairs or improvements. Fewer things can go wrong, like the buyer’s loan being denied. This makes the sale more likely to go through without problems, giving you peace of mind.

How can I market my house to sell fast?

Marketing takes a long time and usually needs to be done with a local real estate agent. The entire process is complicated and oftentimes feels out of your control. Another benefit to selling to My Home Investments is that we handle all of the marketing to sell your house fast for you!

What is the secret to a fast sale of a property?

The secret to the fastest sale of a property is to sell to an experienced house buying company like us. We can get you a guaranteed cash offer within 7 days. You pick the closing date, and we cover the costs. Oftentimes, you get more money than if you were to pay for repairs and list it on the market.

Can I sell my house if I owe liens?

Yes, you can sell your house if you owe liens, but there are some important steps and considerations to keep in mind.

When you sell your house, any existing liens must be paid off as part of the closing process. The liens are typically paid from the proceeds of the sale. This means that if you owe money to creditors, such as unpaid taxes or contractor work, the amount owed will be deducted from what you receive at closing.

Can you buy a rental property?

Yes, we can! Even if the property still has tenants, we can buy the house and oversee its management. We can make it a seamless process for everyone involved!

Can I sell a vacant property?

Absolutely. We will clean the house, make any repairs needed, and market the house for sale. As local investors, this is our “bread and butter!” We love to take troublesome properties and turn them into hassle free situations for you.

Can I sell my house if I’m behind on mortgage payments?

Yes, you can sell your house to a real estate investor if you’re behind on mortgage payments. In fact, selling to an investor can be a practical solution in this situation. Investors are usually willing to buy homes that are in pre-foreclosure or behind on payments, providing you with a way to settle your debts and move forward without a foreclosure on your record.

Do I really save money by avoiding realtor fees?

Yes, the average realtor commission in Texas is typically around 5.75%, though it can range between 5% and 6% depending on the specific region and market conditions. The realtor commissions are usually split between the seller’s agent and the buyer’s agent, with each receiving a portion of the total fee​ (Clever Real Estate)​​ (CasaPlorer)​​ (Real Estate Witch)​.

For example, if you sell a house for $300,000, you can expect to pay approximately $17,250 in realtor fees at a 5.75% commission rate.

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